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The Company


“Artisan passion, genuine simplicity, attention to the consumer, these are the values that underpin our company, the ingredients that always give our nougat and chocolate to our unchanged the taste of tradition”
It was the fifties when in San Martino di Lupari, a small town in Padua, two brothers Luciano and Alfio
Stocco gave birth, with initiative and enthusiasm, to a new family activity, the “Dolciaria Stocco Luciano”.
Here is the beginning of a small workshop which over the time has become a company, now called “Dolciaria Stocco”.

Candy, lozenges, nougats and chocolate eggs, these are the roots of our traditional sweets.

Luciano and Alfio dedicated themselves with passion to search for new combinations of
tastes and aromas and wise mixtures of sugar, honey, egg whites, dried fruit and cocoa.
Raw materials’ quality, the genuine taste and harmony of flavors they melt immediately conquered adults and children.

What you felt so strong was the love of Luciano and Alfio for their products. Also the strong focus on the consumer indicates the soundness of a family closely linked to traditional values.

Over time, production needs increased so, in the 80s the need for new spaces determined the opening of bigger office and also the sons
Eugenio, Iwan and John, who were twenties, began to work with dedication in the confectionery.

Because of their fathers’ experience, they are the guardians of the ancient processing techniques of nougat and chocolate: precious recipes and methods ever written but handed down from father to son.

Two generations’ commitment and passion have brought the little confectionery workshop to become a company capable of meeting the demands of large distribution while maintaining unchanged the artisan flavor that has always distinguished it.


Plant and equipment have been renovated over the years, without ever losing the ancient flavors. Our nougats are still prepared as before, through a manual process of baking and roasting of hazelnut, almonds and peanuts.

Eugenio, Iwan and GIovanni work at any stage of production, to ensure the taste of artisan tradition to every product.

Because of the personal commitment that is dedicated, the company brings the family name as a trademark.

Confectionery tradition combined with creativity, innovation, and desire to experiment, the company is present today with its nougats and its chocolate eggs on national and international markets under these trades: Corte reale, Dolciaria Stocco, Famiglia Stocco.

As quality assurance, each product is checked scrupulously by IFS (international Food Standard). We hold the 2015 certification with assessment HIGHER LEVEL.

In addition to the large-scale distribution, which allows us to get in a lot of families bringing joy and sweetness during Easter and Christmas, in the memory of the little Alfio and Luciano’s confectionery workshop where candies were retailed, for over 20 years a month before Easter we set up our office in a shop open to the public.

Here you can choose from many Easter baskets and chocolate eggs also customizable in decorations made of sugar paste and in packages prepared with care and attention to details.

At Christmas time our nougats are present in the most important country fairs where you can breathe still strong the scent of tradition.